Wesite Maintenance: keep your web site content current

Our team of experience web masters will maintain your web site content.
Web Maintenance Services
  Update your prices
  Publish news about your business
  Keep your links and navigation
  Keep your contact info updated
  Publish your offer of the week
  Change to your new address

After a website is launched, small changes will be required. Implementing those changes by yourself is a timeconsuming task. You will need to invest your time in learning HTML / PHP / JavaScript and other web technologies. Freelancers are usually not available (or interested) for small web site changes.

Centum Sytems Web Maintenance service is the perfect solution for you. For an small monthly fee, we will implement all your small changes. While we take care of your website, you can dedicate your time to your business.

We can make things easier for you. Our experienced team of webmasters can help resolve all these issues and keep your website information up-to-date.

Our team usually implements your changes within 1-3 business days

Up to 1 hour$50 per month
Up to 2 hours $100 per month
Up to 3 hours$150 per month

Please contact our customer representatives, they will help to determine the best plan for your needs.

Your business success is our number one priority!